Welcome to ApnaGharKharido.com! We are a platform for digital services (advertising / marketing) that connect you to the services of the real estate market. ApnaGharKharido.com and subsidiaries and associate companies help you in this task. It is not limited to ApnaGharKharido.com only.

You indicate to us your consent to these Terms , Refund Policy and Privacy Policy by using or visiting our website, feed and mobile app. If you do not agree to any of these, please do not use the Services.
Why We Collect Information from You
  • ApnaGharKharido.com is a real estate information service. We use all the information that we collect in order to provide these services.
  • To keep you connected with ApnaGharKharido.com on internet. To show you the property you want. To take your property to the right people.
  • To reach your residential commercial property to the right buyer. To pass the information provided by you to the correct buyer, tenant.
To Whom Does This Policy Apply
Some parts of this policy are applicable to certain users. We are using some special terminology for that. Which is as follows. This policy is applicable to all those who are using this website / app or feed. Some part of the policy is for certain people.
Users: All those who are using any part of this website in any way. Real Estate Professionals (REPs): All those people who are using this website to sell or rent real estate of their own or someone else. All those people who are using this website for real estate advertisement. REPs include institutional property consultants, agents, landlords,  developers,  mortgage professionals, and other service providers.
 What Information Do We Collect, and Where Do We Get It
We collect information in many ways such as (sessions, and cookies). We also collect information from conversations about posted ads. We collect information from everyone who uses our services. We collect all information that is necessary and necessary to improve our services like User search preferences, interaction with ads on our Services, and location.
 Our servers collect data automatically. When you visit our website. When you signup, perform some search, or exchange any kind of information, we collect this data to improve our services. We do not take any responsibility for the information collected by the third-party app in any way (by link, by advertising).
 Cookies are small files. which we transfer to your computer to know how you use our services. When you return to ApnaGharKharido.com we use cookies to identify you and improve your experience.
Most browsers accept automatic cookies. But you can change the settings to refuse cookies. You can use any third-party tool to delete pre-existing cookies. But remember that if you disable or delete cookies, you may be deprived of some of our services.
Information we collect from REPs: If you create a REP account with ApnaGharKharido.com, we collect all the information which is required to buy a property. Like your name, company name, property papers, property details etc. If you purchase a package here, your billing address, payment method, payment method information and all that we require for record keeping. An ApnaGharKharido.com representative can call you to inform about the new package and we can record the call for quality improvement.
Additional information about you that we obtain from third parties: Sometimes we may also collect information about you from third parties. Like your age, your chances of buying a property etc. And this information may be shared with all those who use the services of ApnaGharKharido.com.
If you enter any other information on ApnaGharKharido.com during registration or at any other time, that information is added to you. So that better facilities can be given to you.
Policy Changes: We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any change in how we use your personal information we will notify you by means of a notice on this Website prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.